A Table Somewhere is all about relaxed long table dinners in places that surprise and delight. It’s great food, wonderful company, gorgeous settings and touches of the unexpected. 

Our vision is to create a series of dinner events in beautiful locales. Each will deliver a feelgood experience – simple, elegant, seasonal, flavoursome – with its own enchanting twist. Attending guests will be keen for more. ‘Let’s do this again’ is the response we’re aiming for. ‘Where is the next Somewhere?’ 

We’ll showcase quality locations and regional produce in equal measure. Our settings will be unusual and inspiring. Our long tables will be welcoming, laden with food sourced from the surrounding land and sea. 

Bringing people together is our goal, to celebrate the simple joys of nature, food and companionship. 

Guest Experience

Everyone is welcome. Our long table dinners are warm and relaxed while ensuring a premium and unique dinner to remember. You’re here for an experience, not a show. There’ll be excellence, don’t worry: quality food, stunning backdrops, thoughtful touches. Just as importantly, we want everyone feeling comfortable and happy. 

There’ll be no highbrow stuffiness or fiddly fare at our long table dinners. Think generous share plates, rustic centre pieces and eclectic decor. There’ll be soft light and understated glamour. Authenticity, simplicity and elegance will be the event’s hallmarks. 

Our dinners are so enjoyable that we’re sure you’ll want to come back time and time again to make new memories and enjoy the warmth and hospitality.  


Our table will be laden with fresh produce, cooked over coals by renowned and inspiring chefs. Showcasing local produce fished, farmed, baked and foraged from the local region, the menu will be completed by premium WA beverages distilled, brewed and bottled by the very best. 

We’ll hero local and regional produce grown and processed not far from our table. We will work closely with local producers and chefs to curate an informed and considered menu offering to showcase the location.

Share plates will be hearty, rustic and full of flavour. Dishes won’t be fussy or complicated, they’ll be simple and delicious, allowing the freshly caught produce to shine. All the better for sharing, forging new friendships and digging into a sense of place.